Queensnake (Regina septemvittata) - Ohio Herp Atlas

Queensnake Regina septemvittata - Special Concern

The decidedly aquatic Queensnake prefers slow moving or shallow rocky creeks and rivers where it feeds primarily upon soft-shelled crayfish. These snakes are frequently seen and captured by overturning large flat stones, boards, or other debris along streams. When first captured, some attempt to bite. However, their teeth are so small they can barely pierce the skin. Others make no attempt to bite. All use their musk glands freely and struggle violently to escape. Although they become gentle with handling, they seldom eat in captivity. For this reason, they do not make hardy captives. LENGTH: 14”–18”

Text courtesy of the Ohio Division of Wildlife: https://wildlife.ohiodnr.gov/portals/wildlife/pdfs/publications/id%20guides/pub354_Reptiles-opt.pdf

Distribution Map
Distribution of the Queensnake (Regina septemvittata)
Queensnake (Regina septemvittata)
Queensnake (Regina septemvittata)