Northern Ravine Salamander (Plethodon electromorphus) - Ohio Herp Atlas

Northern Ravine Salamander Plethodon electromorphus

Length 3 – 4 1/2 in. (7.5-11.5 cm). The Northern Ravine Salamander occurs in much of southern and eastern Ohio. As the name implies, it prefers the moist slopes of wooded ravines where it can be found hiding beneath rocks and logs. Like other members of this genus, it’s completely land-dwelling. Its eggs are even laid and hatched on land. Although frequently encountered in spring and fall, the Northern Ravine Salamander is seldom seen in midsummer when it’s buried deep in the ground seeking moisture. At first glance, the Northern Ravine Salamander looks quite a bit like the leadback phase of the Red-backed Salamander. However, closer examination will reveal that its belly is a plain dark color and not mottled with black and white specks like those of the Red-backed Salamander.

Text courtesy of the Ohio Division of Wildlife:

Distribution Map
Distribution map of Northern Ravine Salamander (Plethodon electromorphus)