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Green Salamander Aneides aeneus - Endangered

Length 3 1/4 – 5 in. (8-13 cm). One of our more interesting salamanders, the Green Salamander, is limited in Ohio to a very few rock ledges in Adams, Lawrence and Scioto counties. It prefers the deep moist cracks in otherwise mostly dry limestone and sandstone cliffs. Its flattened head and body are well suited for moving about in such tight places. Here the Green Salamander spends the day hiding, but as night approaches, it ventures out onto the face of the cliff and adjacent trees in search of food. The tiny, round eggs number from 10 to 20 and are laid in late summer within crevices of the cliff. The female stays with the eggs until they hatch, but shows little or no parental care. This salamander is rare in Ohio and is listed as endangered by the Division of Wildlife. This is a secretive species and additional populations are occasionally discovered. ENDANGERED.

Text courtesy of the Ohio Division of Wildlife:

Distribution Map
Distribution of the Green Salamander (Aneides aeneus)
Green Salamander (Aneides aeneus)