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This Herp Atlas is a repository for observations and information about the amphibians and reptiles in Ohio. The success of the Ohio Herp Atlas relies on photographic observations and associated data submitted by citizen scientists.

The Atlas is intended to achieve the following goals:

1. Serve as a collection of scientifically valid observations about the amphibians and reptiles of Ohio.

2. Create a platform for citizen scientist participation in amphibian and reptile data collection.

3. Provide data to support conservation efforts for native amphibians and reptiles.

Do you want to get involved? Contribute your own observations to the Ohio Herp Atlas to improve our knowledge of the distribution of the amphibians and reptiles in Ohio. You can submit your observations from a computer here or download the free HerpMapper mobile app on your phone! Want to know more?

You can also get involved by helping us to write and edit species accounts including the descriptions, ecology, distribution, and diagnostic characteristics. We will also be looking for your best pictures to include with species accounts.

Did you find any problems? Contact us!


The Ohio Herp Atlas Team

The Ohio Herp Atlas is powered by HerpMapper.org in collaboration with Ohio Partners in Amphibian Reptile Conservation (OHPARC) and the Ohio Biodiversity Conservation Partnership.

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